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Cheryl Valdebenito

Today’s reality: Stress gets in the way of our well being.  The results can be painful…or not.  The absence of pain does not necessarily mean we are not sick.  The truth is, wellness and our quest to remain healthy should be as simple and satisfying as just breathing. Yet it is something we have to work at constantly if we value our lives.

Stress is the crux of illness and that knowledge often requires a total shift in paradigm. So much of our time typically is spent unaware of the trauma that stress creates upon our health. Physical manifestation is often the final obvious thing to which we might point a finger and say, ‘There is the problem.’  In reality, one may experience mental, emotional and spiritual (heart-centered) stress long before that physical dis-ease manifested.

Stress comes in many forms, and it encompasses not only your physical body, but your mental, emotional and spiritual self as well.  Being sick is about naming a disease.  Being healthy is about naming the stress points that indicate potential dis-ease in the body and releasing them to create a healthy terrain.

“I have the capacity to change my health by making better decisions.”  When a person recognizes new and dynamic information and acknowledges new potential, you then allow a shift to occur.  You create new space and may experience a growing natural harmony in your body, a greater feeling of empowerment helping you to regain your “life”.  You choose how you feel, what you believe, and how you (re)act.

In learning to de-stress you must educate yourself.  How you feed the body is often overlooked when trying to relieve stress. Over- or under-utilizing supplements can be a cause of stress. Are the foods you eat more acidic than alkaline?  Or, perhaps you are unaware of food allergies (dairy and gluten). Seek the counsel of others with experience and training, both inside and outside the traditional healing communities.

Our bodies are intelligent. They give us symptoms as clues to the stress they are under while often trying to fight the foreign substances like pathogens or environmental toxins. We come to know these symptoms as a way of life sometimes, thus incapable to recognize a potential problem. For example: pain, rash, itching, vomiting, itchy-eye-runny-nose syndrome, sinus congestion, hypertension, hypoglycemia or diabetes, chronic fatigue or (insidious) weight gain and bloating.  It’s up to each of you to listen and become more cognizant of your body and its needs.

Regardless of how stress presents itself in your life, there are 3 things you might consider to relieve it and grow:

  • Learn to appreciate the funny things in life, taking each day’s challenges with a grain of salt. When you are at our wit’s end, remember to smile and step back, let that serious moment go and just laugh!  “This, too, shall pass.”
  • Acknowledge there is not just one solution — often healing requires many therapies working together.
  • Knowledge is power — and control over your own self.

My hope for you: to re-capture the essence of your innate self and live the life style you want. The various stress management tools offered here allow people to be fully involved in setting the tone for their own quality of life. Become more aware how you can de-stress.  Learn how to develop creative and loving harmony between each aspect of who you “are” as the body, mind and spirit.

Registered Reiki Professional Badge from IARP

Rev. Cheryl Valdebenito is a licensed and ordained Holistic Minister Practitioner in association with Lightwing Center of LifeSpirit CC.  Hers is a spiritual practice to assist communicants in developing stress relief options, thus allowing their own bodies to self-heal.  She is a Usui Reiki Grand Master Teacher, distributor of Young Living Essential Oils (ID#1280101), trained in Raindrop Technique®, and is a Certified Aroma Freedom Technique™ (AFT) practitioner.  Cheryl had been doing energy work from 2007-2017 in the fields of quantum biofeedback, Access Bars Consciousness  and spiritual health coaching.  Today, she offers classes in the essential oils, teaches Reiki (one-on-one and in group), and is available for private session by appointment using any of these modalities as well as the BioMat, QuantumWave Laser, dowsing with pendulum and crystal therapy.




Disclaimer: The Minister Practitioner does not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor does the practitioner apply medical, mental health or human development principles, but ministers to the suffering by prayer, spiritual, religious or mental means, without the use of any drug, material remedy or physical manipulation.

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