Weight Management — Losing Pounds, and so much more

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Just this week (and it’s only Wednesday) three people have mentioned their need to manage their weight in a better way. And everyone knows that losing it is not a 1-size-fits-all condition. Here are a few things to remember – they’re in no particular order.

1. The more stress you have, the more likely the weight gain. Get your stress under control. Work, Finances, Relationships – they all have an impact.

2. Reducing travel stress is especially important.  Whether it’s for work or pleasure, modern-age travel wears the body out. Jet lag is the stuff of jokes but yes, it is real.  Plan time for rest between hops, pack light healthy meals (focus on nuts and dried fruits) and/or snacks to keep the body functioning optimally, and have clean water available at all times (just don’t let those TSA guys get it!).  Skip the coffee and wine (sorry ’bout that).

3. Diet is not just about eliminating things. It’s about establishing pH balance that suits your own metabolic needs. It means adding foods that meet your unique requirements from a holistic perspective. Consider an iridology reading to see what your constitutional health is telling you (often a naturopath offers this service as part of their solutions package.)

4. To balance blood sugar in the body, again a metabolic issue, you have to be aware of not only food intake, but about the function of your liver and pancreas and their overall role in total body health. (Part of the overall diet issue #2 above, but important enough to say it out loud again.)  You have to read label ingredients and skip the middle aisles of the grocery store. Fresh and raw is a key element to find your center.  Eliminate all synthetic sugars.

5. The longer you live, the more your body changes. Hormone balances matter. If you wait until menopause to figure this out, it will be harder to regain balance. (This is true for men as much as women.)  Increase your awareness, the sooner the better. Depression, anxiety and all the associated mood swings — chemical imbalances can and need to be corrected in order to feel like “yourself” again.

6. When your body holds toxins, they have to go somewhere. Usually it’s in the fatty tissue. Women with cellulite? The lymphatic systems needs to start releasing (Rebounders help).

7. Nutritional supplementation usually plays a role, yet again it’s a unique proposition. Some things need boosting because aging causes less of them to naturally form in the body. If you haven’t been a fan of fruits and vegetables up until now, you may need other things as well. Two critical areas to consider: Brain health (Omega fatty acids, Amino acids) and Heart health (Mineral balance). Beware – not all brands offer the same level of natural supplementation. A couple rules of thumb that metabolic experts recommend: Organic is better. Liquid gets in the system more readily than a pill. One pill of “everything” may not absorb into the body as easily as several different supplements spaced over the day or week.  What you need this month, you may not need next month too.  In other words: Do your homework.  Don’t get caught up in the hype, or the next best thing.  Education is imperative.

8. Get good sound sleep every night. Sleep is a conditions that is restorative to all body functions. If it isn’t happening well, then you could be a candidate to suffer long-term repercussions. This is the stuff of many jokes, very true. However… Especially if you suffer from snoring you could have a condition called sleep apnea; see a sleep specialist and get it under control.  It’s long-term effects are much more difficult to “fix” than if you wait until 30 years have passed you by.  Possible effects of this condition if ignored:  hypertension, water retention, weight gain, the family of disorders associated with COPD and ultimately heart function.

9. Pain. If you’re in pain, nothing else matters. Inflammation exacerbates the issue. The body will function better and respond more positively if we eliminate the root causes of pain. This is #1 to moving forward in your weigh-balance and wellness plan.


  • Essential Oils – There are so many choices available when using the Young Living oils to boost the body systems onto a wellness track.  It requires a little homework to learn about the purpose of each oil and be sure they resonate with you (and if you’re on medications that they’re not counter-productive).  To know more about the research and healing capacity of oils, start here and message me your questions: http://lightlifeenergy.younglivingconnect.com/
  • Exercise – Never under-estimate the power of movement…yet, different strokes for different folks depending on what your personal health needs include.  Three powerful energy movers: (1) daily walking to rebalance right/left brain function in addition to burning calories, (2) swimming  as a great means of reducing water weight, and (3) dance – in all forms (whatever you can do).  There’s also yoga for those with fibromyalgia, as an example; or cardio for those who have no underlying “dis-ease” and can step into faster routines more rapidly.  Many find the Asian healing arts beneficial – Tai Qi, Tai Kwan Do, Qi Gong, etc…  Whatever “feels” right to you — start there.
  • Therapeutic massage, hands down, is an amazing modality for assisting the body. Lymphatic drainage, craniosacral balance…there are so many specialists to assist us these days.  Used in conjunction with chiropractic care to rebalance the spine and thus the nerval connections throughout the body organs and systems — it’s a Win/Win!
  • Quantum biofeedback allows one to change behaviors by retraining the body/mind connections to think and act in more holistic ways.  It will increase your awareness for risks of stress and help you energetically find your right path.
  • Reiki offers overall energy balance. Many find weekly or monthly healing sessions useful. However, this healing art can be learned for self-care in a one-day training class, setting the groundwork for systemic change.  Gift your children with the training for a life of greater wellbeing as they grow.
  • Meditation assists us in getting our mind under control, which is an important key to putting all else in order.
  • Regular check-ins with your holistic physicians and other wellness care practitioners. It’s worth every penny!

We began this blog posting by talking about people’s verbalized need to lose weight. Being consciously aware is a good starting point.

You can envision, too, that this is really only one aspect of the bigger picture.  Lower body weight many times over may significantly reduce other health concerns, according to the experts publishing research daily.

More importantly, however, is the overall benefit you receive by setting the groundwork for a lifestyle that helps you regain your sense of oneness with Self, your heart-centered joy to be alive!  The body is dynamic, and when working harmonically, its needs will change.  This posting hasn’t covered it all, but it’s a beginning.  Allow yourself to become aware and flexible to your ever-changing needs.  And, ENJOY!


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