Life is Always Changing

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Everyone knows that changes are always manifesting themselves, and it’s very true for me at this time.  Yesterday was the last day in the last week that the doors of Clinica de la Luz welcomed clients in Chile.  The next stop in my life adventure with my husband will bring us to a community just north of Dallas, Texas for about a year.  From there, your guess is as good as mine.  So I am taking a bit of personal license in sharing a few thoughts with you.

Physically moving to a country in South America was quite an awakening to my senses, and these last 33 months have been life-changing on many levels mentally and emotionally as well.  Learning the customs of the land as well as the language (especially slang and the frequent jokes) were often challenging.  Yet, the greatest gift I’ve received has been in knowing the people.

Whether I interacted with friends or clients, the most heart-warming aspect of this time has been the warmth and hospitality of each one, their willingness to overlook my lack of proper language skills, and their forbearance with my customs (often so different from their own).  When I started my energy practice early in 2012, new clients came and several have turned into life-long friends.

Two years ago I began teaching Reiki, and have been extremely grateful to welcome 20 students over that time.  Their thirst for knowledge and desire to create greater wellbeing in themselves and others has been noteworthy and in a couple instances, profound; their marvel at the sensations of Reiki energy felt during times of group sharing, remarkable. My success in the role of teacher was solely due to the caring and helping hands of two wonderful women, without whose organization and translation assistance would not have been possible. I’ll be forever grateful to Leticia Cataldo and Betty Yangari.

I’ve been wondering what my purpose here has been, and lately it’s come to me that we — these wonderful people and I — share it jointly: it has been about compassion. Learning how to interact with others who on the surface appear unlike ourselves is often a fearful prospect. While I’ve given them opportunities to learn more about North American ways, they’ve granted me a look into their home and personal lives as if I were family. What a blessing, that openness showed at a meal, hospitality during a holiday and even during a family member’s death.  There are no words to adequately describe feelings for those times.

Now, as I move forward and continue my work back in the USA again, it’s time to update this website and its name.  To better reflect the reality of energy-related healing methods, the new banner is a simple statement of fact.  Light and Life Energy.  Whether I see clients in a clinic setting, work in collaboration with other professionals or simply from my home office, we are dealing with your (human) Light and the gift of Life Energy ready for the taking. There may be other opportunities and re-direction  coming as well, so I will start at the place of new beginning and take one day at a time.

I look forward to meeting those in my new community and sharing the work with all who care to learn.  Effective October 3, 2014, you may reach me at the phone number on the Contact page.  Let the blessings continue to flow!



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