Spring Equinox….Ruminations of a Kind

March 19th, 2016 by Cheryl Leave a reply »

As tonight turns into morning, we move into the wee hours of March 20, the spring (vernal) equinox begins. Normally, this time would pass, and it would be nothing special, no extraordinary ah-ha moment….just a simple acknowledgement that the season is changing.

True enough, but this time I started questioning, what is it all about anyway? While researching in preparation for an online healing session this weekend, the question is — how should I set my intentions for the group? What would be the most helpful focal point given the subject?

Then it happened. No doubt you’ve done this too — while working on one thing, the process jostled your memories and, like me, realigned your thinking in ways you hadn’t imagined or even considered relevant. Thoughts of new beginnings, renewal, spiritual awakening, and cosmic awareness – that’s the line of thought we are presenting.

Just then, an article passes my view about the “tiny” houses about which many are gaga. The summary idea was, would they be a blessing or a hindrance to simple living? I’ve been a fan of downsizing, so this interests me.

But as it would happen I can’t hold the thought. Instead, a childhood memory surfaces. “The Little House” we called it. At one point in its life it was merely the back shed, used for storage behind “the big house” where my great- and grand-parents lived. Surrounding it often was a flower or vegetable garden, and finally grapevines.

Really it had been used many times by different members of the family, various uncles and wives. What I remember best was when my Aunt Sandy lived there with Uncle Billy. They were newlyweds at 19 & 21, though together five years already. I was just a baby while they enjoyed their teen years, yet they took me everywhere when I was around.

So it was no surprise that whenever I visited, it was common to spend at least one night down at the Little House with them. The 55-gallon drum-turned-trash-bin burning regularly just 10 feet to the side of its only door. Windows on but two sides of the wooden 2-room let in just enough light.

Plumbing for the kitchen sink only, running double duty as a lavatory wash-up; step outside please, 30 steps to the outhouse it was. Closet? Only one, a pantry of sorts for the barely-galley kitchen, room enough there for a table and a few chairs. The living room served a dual purpose, sleeping quarters by night as the sofa bed was converted for my favorite couple. They’d bring in the lawn chair-turned-bed for me, filled with blankets and pillows (no feathers allowed) in what little walk-around space was left in the kitchen. “Tiny House” indeed!

And yet, such marvelous times.  Cartoons on Saturday morning, of course. And, while Lawrence Welk was playing on the B&W up in the big house. Uncle preferred Sci-Fi down below, and it’s no wonder I was a nail biter ‘til I was 21! TV and popcorn before bed made it worthwhile.

From here launched weekends at Seaside, the stock car races with Star 7, and vacations with everyone piled in.  Memories of my bicycle and peddle-car going up and down the driveway from roadside to back yard, running laps for hours to keep amused. Playing with the ducks and chickens from the coop out back. Helping Gram in the flower garden, and listening to Great Gram hum her Hungarian tunes. Standing on the swing crossbars, yelling “honk-honk” to the passing truck drivers flying by on the New Jersey Turnpike just over the back fence.

Digressing…reminiscing…realizing what this ruminating is all about. Spring brings another opportunity to begin again. To see what’s gone past and set my sights forward, renewing my awareness on possibilities of growth, in whatever form they may come. What difference if the story line took place 50 years ago or yesterday? Or which continent one lives? Whether there are 100 pesos in the bank or a million? Living in a Little House or a big one?

As the day grows long, looking inside ourselves and taking advantage of the relationships and memories that present themselves — these are the things from which we might form a lifetime of joy. It’s our choice.

As our 2016 spring equinox begins…well, time will tell what comes next. The cycle of life continues after all.


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