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3 Key Factors May Open New Possibilities Of Relief For You
Most of life’s illnesses are caused by Stress. More and more, the world community is becoming aware of a simple fact. In my study of the stress relief process, I’ve become aware of an extraordinary number of methods that work and simply want to share them here with you today. Often, it just takes “many therapies working together” — Find what works best for you (and your pocketbook), and may you be blessed with wellness.
1. Sometimes relieving stress is as simple as articulating it. Here are a number of ideas for you to employ:
• Breathe — Yes, a series of deep belly breaths (in breath through your nose extending your belly, & out breath through your mouth). Funny, when you focus on your breath, you can’t think of anything else.
• Walking. Simply walking at a leisurely pace allows your brain to bring clarity to issues. An easy stride can be rejuvenating as you simply pace yourself and let your hands move naturally alongside you.
• For those with artsy-abilities, expressing emotions through their personal medium acts as a relaxation technique.
• Music (sound) is a powerful vessel — listen or sing or play, whatever works for you. During meditation, tribal drums, massage Zen music subtly release the strain. It’s all good.
• The earth is the singular grounding mechanism…take off your shoes, walk in the grass a while, and just enjoy nature.
• Near the beach? or a lake? Walk, or lay down, enjoy the sun; reflect your natural self by looking up and feeling the rays.
• Those with an expressive spiritual nature find reading and silence the best meditation. Distracted by a chattery mind? Don’t worry…just let the thoughts pass through and release them.


2. Other resources that may be at your fingertips include trained practitioners of alternative wellness. As stress is relieved, oftentimes at the root source cause, you may notice pain dissipates and often goes away. You regain your sense of humor and find “living” is so much easier.
• Quantum Biofeedback stress relief is about subtle energy and healing from within the unconscious.
• Light therapy (cold laser) can be an amazing modality for relief.
• Spiritual Healer Coaches are phenomenal listeners who are able to help you reflect on your true needs and desires.
• Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – learn the skill of talking yourself through an acute challenge and releasing it.
• Many holistic folk know the healing power of essential oils, flower essenses and homeopathy.
• Nutritionists can help you find a solution to metabolic or dietary stress, hidden food allergies, etc.
• The healing power of earth’s crystals can stimulate the appropriate chakra to release emotions. Some crystals are miraculous when it comes to regaining natural sleep patterns, and so much more.
• Massage therapists know just how to release muscles holding the stress and strain; some, with special training in areas of lymph drainage, cranio/sacral work or sports therapy, you’ll think you died and went to heaven.
• Facial massage – Reflexology — WOW! It is absolutely amazing what relaxation and stress relief can come from simply working with the face, hands and feet!
• ETPS therapy, a combo of acupuncture and neurostimulation is a relatively new therapy that, among other things, does wonders with releasing scar tissue.
• Acupuncture, Qigong, Reiki and other forms of hands-on energy or Chinese Healing Arts can work wonders too.


3. A key factor in wellness is DENTAL health. Yes, that’s right — when your teeth, TMJ and the bones of your cranium are under stress, the results can directly impact your organ system through all the nerve connections with the teeth/head/neck. If you’ve had an accident that created whiplash or head injury…or, if something doesn’t feel ‘right’ after a dental visit ( but the dentist says there’s “nothing wrong”) a little stress relief in some other form may well get you back on the path of least resistance! Light therapy, biofeedback, acupuncture, massage…you will be amazed by the results.

There are other avenues available to you as well – today I’ve just shared those with which I’ve become most familiar. Do your own research. Recognize that you can heal yourself as you control your thoughts. Listen, learn and make course corrections as you go. Be patient with yourself as you learn new habits and skills. It is all within you.



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