10 Keys to Creating Positive Results with Reiki

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 It is common for people who know nothing of this healing modality to ask what results they may find by having a session. Talk to any active Reiki practitioner and you will find many ways in which “results” are manifested through their work. Stories of healing abound with each of them because of their own health experiences as well as their clients.


Yet when we’re just beginning (and even a bit of time into) our practice, there are many questions in our own minds as well, especially if we’ve never done a “hands on” healing modality before learning Reiki.  “How do I know this is working?” is what we may ask ourselves.  Our novice hands and inability to imagine the potential often cause us to doubt how Reiki energy will develop into tangible results for ourselves and others.  Thankfully, universal life force energy has a mind of its own!

Truthfully, success with Reiki is similar to many other types of endeavors.  If  we put significant effort into the project, common sense will tell us results should follow.  Being a scratch golfer takes more than three plays on the course.  Playing an instrument takes years; art forms of all kinds require an investment of time as well as money, much like starting a new business.

Below is a compilation of thoughts accumulated from many conversations and experiences.  No doubt you will find another point or two to add because it’s been effective for you, and I invite conversation to expand the list based on your experiences too.  Enjoy!

  1. Be an enthusiastic student.  Acquire the best possible training you can from  active practicing Master Teachers.  Be inquisitive, curious and willing to do things just as they say; after you have been active for a while will be soon enough to mold what you learn into your own style. Give yourself time to grow into your new role.
  2. Allow yourself to be coach-able.  Find a mentor you admire and who has shown themselves to be a remarkable teacher in some area of Reiki expertise.  You may even desire a team of coaches, inviting them based on their particular gifts.  Establish a continual line of communication with them and always be willing to ask how to improve not only your work but your outlook.
  3. Practice Reiki on yourself – daily!  This sounds obvious, and yet I’ve heard many say they have difficulty “making time” for it.  As with any skill, you’re only as good as that which you do frequently. If you get out of practice, it will come back to you, surely. Just remember – if you’re working on others, you want to be able to say (with confidence) that you know what you are doing. When you’re experiencing results on yourself on a regular basis, it will be easy to tell someone else how Reiki results may manifest for them.
  4. Create structure for your practice.  The reason behind structure is to help yourself stay on task. Whether you prefer a certain time of the day, want to always utilize the Reiki hand placements or symbols, or have your Reiki room arranged in a certain configuration – these are all valid structure you can organize to keep you focused.  It’s quite easy to get out of sync when the busyness of life takes over.  So create your own protocol and follow it.  Allow yourself flexibility to change your process as your clients require it, your expertise grows and life and work styles change.
  5. Preparation counts.  Whether you are working on yourself, with a hands-on client or doing a distance session – be aware of your schedule. Give yourself 15-30 minutes or more before the session to become calm and centered. Know which music is most beneficial for the upcoming session.  If you use crystals or oils with Reiki, have them ready.  If you’ve had a challenging day, use a clearing method that will take away the residual energy of others/situations.  Get into a space of high spiritual connection that allows you to receive the universal life force energy for the best and highest good of each recipient.
  6. Go with the flow – literally.  All energy work manifests based on individual experiences; responses vary.  When you work on others, remember that the structure you use is not as important as being open to the needs of the person whose energy is in your hands.  With Reiki, you can do no harm, so experiment. Use/practice any new hand movements you may have read about based on the client’s energy manifestation.  Be open to all the sensations. Be mindful of what occurs, and if it’s a new experience, make a mental note to yourself if you need to talk through it with your mentor later.
  7. Let Reiki complement all other therapies. It has often been said that “many therapies working together” allows for greater benefit to a person.  Reiki truly is a modality that harmonizes with just about any other form of ‘treatment’, allopathic or wholistic.  Therefore, be discerning of a person’s needs; use your Reiki skills in combination with other energy modalities to serve the best and highest good of your client, with their permission of course.
  8. Listen and observe.  Whether you’re working with a Master, teaching a student or a communicating with a client, your learning will be elevated further by using all of your senses.  Yet hearing, sight and even smell seem the most important to me. It is through those three (when someone shares with you things that only a mind-reader might discern) that you will then be able to further sense beyond the conscious into the heart of your own and others spiritual needs.  The energy in your hands may feel elevated, more palpable, because conscious thoughts shared through the power of the Word have heightened your awareness even more.
  9. Continue your education.  This point cannot be stressed strongly enough.  Reiki is a continuous-learning modality. Not one session will pass where you haven’t learned or felt something new.  You have everything to gain by reading, taking courses, engaging other practitioners, participating in Reiki Shares, etc.  The more you educate yourself, the greater the benefit of the practice, and the better results your clients will sense from your work.
  10. Recognize yourself as capable.  Accept all things as possible, learn from others, and be willing and flexible to any subtle shift in the energy field – it may be changes in the environment, a physical response to your work, or a connection with the divine. Whatever the experience, know that you have the ability and the strength of character to do that which is good and right and necessary.  You are an amazing person, beaming Light for all to see.  Results are a natural response to the work you are manifesting.  Namaste.

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