Finding Your Calling is All About Vibration

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“I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.”  

This quote from  Oprah Winfrey is one thing she said over the years that makes perfect sense.  It is not something most people talk about — a “calling” to one’s purpose. In church life, pastors and lay people often express their work that way, but not typically others. Maybe we should.

When we ponder from our core that which was given to us at birth; when we hear from mentors and loved ones their perceptions of our strengths; when we consider the weaknesses we have, those areas where we have not succeeded; and when we open ourselves to Spirit flowing through us, affirming those things we are learning — only then do we begin to understand the depth of not only who we are but who we may yet be.

These mental activities have a way of relieving AND refreshing us. The aspects of Self we affirm give us confidence. The discoveries that lead us to let things go may in fact release the imponderable stress we may not have known was holding us back.

The worldly psychological work process models offer tools like the Myers-Briggs testing and spiritual gifts surveys to assist us in seeing a better profile of our characteristics. Each is well worth the time to acquire a fuller picture of the true you. Both will enhance your overall understanding of Self, again offering an opportunity to release from your life accumulations that no longer serve your best and highest good.

More people are learning to develop mentor or coaching teams, whose members act like guidance counselors with a twist. Their purpose is to hear what you’re saying/doing/ feeling/acting upon and offering concrete suggestions for how you might move into the next segment of time and change based on perspectives you have outlined (goals and objectives, perhaps). They do not tell you what to do so much as invite you to consider options that allow you to step into new ways of thinking.

Coaching teams are a 2-way model; as the coachee, one has significant responsibility to one’s Self and to the Team. It should be a joyful experiences, as these are usually people you consider leaders in life, who you admire and would be willing to act upon their advice. With a team of helpers, it is often easier to move forward with the tangible actions that need to be taken to incite change.

Vibrational energy (medicine) has been growing in acceptance over the last 10+ years, and with good cause. All living things vibrate with life. When we acknowledge this and learn to increase our vibrational levels, a natural result is the diminution of pain, stress and anxiety that come from conscious and unconscious stress. Once our brain and adrenal glands have an opportunity to return to their “norm”, it is fundamentally easier for our conscious mind to consider a wider number of options that may lead us to our soul-Self.  Little by little, our whole body structure improves.

So many forms of holistic care are now available that it is a challenge to list them all conclusively. They range from strictly in-the-head (meditation) to strong physical activities (cardio exercises) and the more subtle energy-related activities (yoga, qigong, tai chi, etc.). The hands-on work of massage therapists is well-documented for releasing tension and rejuvenating muscle structure where physical degeneration is present. Less know but often helpful is the Alexander Technique, which was developed originally to help people with repetitive motion stress impediments.

Various forms of Reiki healing can be easily learned as a spiritual practice for self-care as well as received as services from trained masters. The results of Reiki are proven time and again, and are allowing the practice of Reiki in hospitals worldwide.  There’s also Access Consciousness Bars, Donna Eden energy work, Heartmath,  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); the list goes on.

The technology of traditional biofeedback, used since the 60’s as a method to modify behavior, birthed a unique tool called the SCIO. it is a Quantum biofeedback device that offers an energetically layered approach to view unconscious stress and learn how to release it in order to continue moving forward on your journey.

The self-healing market is layered with tool options, some of which are enjoying growing popularity because of their obvious results for leaving stress by the wayside. The Amethyst Biomat offers a 3-in-1 technology combining nature’s healing gemstones with negative ions and infrared light. Aromatherapy has been utilized for thousands of years, and Young Living essential oils provide the essence of organic and kosher elements to jump-start one’s body almost immediately through the senses. A growing variety of Laser Light therapy opportunities continue to show multi-level results as well.

Other methods proven over the ages include homeopathy, the use of fresh/raw foods, and herbal remedies. Crystal energy is not to be forgotten; utilizing gems assists especially in clearing chakra and meridian blockages, connecting us to heaven and earth in ways our Indian cultures have known for hundreds of years or more. And many find solace and direction by incorporating the varied vibrational energies of music and drums and bowls equally useful in their process.

By now you’re probably wondering what has all this “new age” type of healing got to do with finding your purpose in life. Oprah offered you a clue when she said, “…allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.”    When you do one thing, it has an impact (seen or unseen) elsewhere.

So what are you being called to next?  Are you feeling that itchiness that makes you feel like you’re a living example of attention deficit disorder? Can’t sit still, focus. Know there’s change coming and you’re resisting it? Wondering what that next relationship or job is going to look like and haven’t a clue how you’ll move forward?  Each day is a challenge as you try to identify why what you are doing doesn’t seem to be working any more.

Life is interconnected. So whether your actions are like a rock skipping over water resulting in a trail you can see or just a “feeling” that “something is different”, those motions are truly interconnected with so much else. Apprehending and appreciating the information that will lead you to understanding your personal mission and life purpose will (must) be a journey. And the choices you make along the way will ultimately play a role in your success.

The work of Life is about Body, Mind (mental and emotional) and Spirit. The idea is to incorporate elements into our lives that ratify one another.  So often, we leave out a part of the equation which impedes results. If you are going to let your Light shine and become better in your co-creator role with Source energy, find each and every thing that resonates with your heart and soul — and try them on for size. Some pieces may not fit so you will discard them; other’s will seem to be designed just for you and mold on like a second skin.

Do what works for you as you seek answers and develop new routines.  This takes time and patience and practice. And that’s okay. Bit by bit as you stay the course, the stepping stones will be revealed and the resonance of each vibration will be easier to discern.  This cute clip may be something to keep this in mind along the way: PLANS  Enjoy yourself — make it fun.  And if you’d like to share, feel free to post aspects of your personal journey to help others.



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