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Spring Equinox….Ruminations of a Kind

March 19th, 2016

As tonight turns into morning, we move into the wee hours of March 20, the spring (vernal) equinox begins. Normally, this time would pass, and it would be nothing special, no extraordinary ah-ha moment….just a simple acknowledgement that the season is changing.

True enough, but this time I started questioning, what is it all about anyway? While researching in preparation for an online healing session this weekend, the question is — how should I set my intentions for the group? What would be the most helpful focal point given the subject?

Then it happened. No doubt you’ve done this too — while working on one thing, the process jostled your memories and, like me, realigned your thinking in ways you hadn’t imagined or even considered relevant. Thoughts of new beginnings, renewal, spiritual awakening, and cosmic awareness – that’s the line of thought we are presenting.

Just then, an article passes my view about the “tiny” houses about which many are gaga. The summary idea was, would they be a blessing or a hindrance to simple living? I’ve been a fan of downsizing, so this interests me.

But as it would happen I can’t hold the thought. Instead, a childhood memory surfaces. “The Little House” we called it. At one point in its life it was merely the back shed, used for storage behind “the big house” where my great- and grand-parents lived. Surrounding it often was a flower or vegetable garden, and finally grapevines.

Really it had been used many times by different members of the family, various uncles and wives. What I remember best was when my Aunt Sandy lived there with Uncle Billy. They were newlyweds at 19 & 21, though together five years already. I was just a baby while they enjoyed their teen years, yet they took me everywhere when I was around.

So it was no surprise that whenever I visited, it was common to spend at least one night down at the Little House with them. The 55-gallon drum-turned-trash-bin burning regularly just 10 feet to the side of its only door. Windows on but two sides of the wooden 2-room let in just enough light.

Plumbing for the kitchen sink only, running double duty as a lavatory wash-up; step outside please, 30 steps to the outhouse it was. Closet? Only one, a pantry of sorts for the barely-galley kitchen, room enough there for a table and a few chairs. The living room served a dual purpose, sleeping quarters by night as the sofa bed was converted for my favorite couple. They’d bring in the lawn chair-turned-bed for me, filled with blankets and pillows (no feathers allowed) in what little walk-around space was left in the kitchen. “Tiny House” indeed!

And yet, such marvelous times.  Cartoons on Saturday morning, of course. And, while Lawrence Welk was playing on the B&W up in the big house. Uncle preferred Sci-Fi down below, and it’s no wonder I was a nail biter ‘til I was 21! TV and popcorn before bed made it worthwhile.

From here launched weekends at Seaside, the stock car races with Star 7, and vacations with everyone piled in.  Memories of my bicycle and peddle-car going up and down the driveway from roadside to back yard, running laps for hours to keep amused. Playing with the ducks and chickens from the coop out back. Helping Gram in the flower garden, and listening to Great Gram hum her Hungarian tunes. Standing on the swing crossbars, yelling “honk-honk” to the passing truck drivers flying by on the New Jersey Turnpike just over the back fence.

Digressing…reminiscing…realizing what this ruminating is all about. Spring brings another opportunity to begin again. To see what’s gone past and set my sights forward, renewing my awareness on possibilities of growth, in whatever form they may come. What difference if the story line took place 50 years ago or yesterday? Or which continent one lives? Whether there are 100 pesos in the bank or a million? Living in a Little House or a big one?

As the day grows long, looking inside ourselves and taking advantage of the relationships and memories that present themselves — these are the things from which we might form a lifetime of joy. It’s our choice.

As our 2016 spring equinox begins…well, time will tell what comes next. The cycle of life continues after all.

Before, During and After Your Energy Session — What Should I Know to Prepare?

January 30th, 2015

This question is one of the most frequently asked by people readying for their energy session – What do I have to do?

It is very easy for we practitioners to say “nothing, just enjoy”. For a receiver who has experienced many healing sessions, that simple response is perfect. However, whenever a person new to energy work comes to the table, it’s much better to elaborate and allow them to experience the full benefit. And that benefit each person receives is, after all, the primary goal.

When a practitioner explains the expectations, it also affords the receiver to better understand the energy worker and appreciate the care they will be given. The expression through words of benefits and expectations allows each person to be on the ‘same page’, helping to eliminate any worries or doubts about a new process the recipient is going to experience.

The basic purpose of most of the alternative health modalities is to help each person relieve stress and discover and release the energetic blockages, which results in balancing the energies while assisting in the process of self-healing. One may learn many other things during each session, yet ultimately, feeling better is the primary goal.

It matters not which type of healing modality is being applied. In my office it can be the application of essential oils, use of the BioMat and crystals, relieving energy stressors with quantum biofeedback and various forms of Reiki. It is all subtle energy being applied, so the same concept follows.

Consider these things as you prepare

BEFORE a Session

Be aware of your own needs (as much as possible). Is your issue physical, mental, emotional or spiritual? If you don’t know, be willing to say that. Your higher self knows. Sometimes by doing energy work, your conscious and subconscious minds will begin to connect, giving you greater insight and self-realization.

State your intention. Know what you are hoping to accomplish by receiving the work. For some it might be general stress relief from work or home concerns. Others have a desire to change their lives in some way, new job, marriage, etc. Physical healing is a typical desire.

Create a positive affirmation to build upon that intent and motivate you moving forward.

These may be written from a personal vantage point, or you could use an overall perspective. The idea is to use only POSITIVE words. Eliminate words like no, not, cannot, do not, will not, etc. Examples:

  • I am pain and cancer-free. I find joy in life every day.
  • I release all worry and anger to live peacefully.
  • Goodness and plenty and wisdom come to me naturally as I move forward in this new job.
  • Abundance on all levels is mine daily, and I use it to help others in this world.
  • I release all desire as I live happily into the present moment each and every day.

As you enter the healing space, be aware of the elements around you – candles, crystals, pictures, music, fountains, bells. Many methods may be employed in the healing space to assist you in being at peace.

Share as much information as necessary and then just relax. By consciously giving yourself permission to release worry and anger (in particular), you may naturally start to release your stress.


DURING a Session

Physically, the most common feeling is that of falling asleep. Many feel a warmth as the energy works; others, cold or a tingling sensations. Gurgling and sounds may rise from your stomach. Leg or arm twitching is possible.

You may sense yourself in and out of conscious thought. Your mind may grab hold of any one thought and begin to awaken. This is a form of clearing. Let your mind float in those moments. Attachment to these is unnecessary.

Some say they feel angels carrying them or talking to them. This is all normal as you connect to your super-conscious self through energy balancing.

You hear your practitioner talking to you – just respond, even if it feels like you’re in a dream. S/he will continue the work until the session is complete.


AFTER a Session

As you open your eyes into awareness, arise and step off the table slowly. Become aware of the space you are in. Depending on the type of work you received, you may need to find your balance.

If you’ve had an emotional response to the session, embrace it. Crying, for example, is a common expression of the energy shift for males and females, adults and children alike. This is a method of release, letting go of the internal stress that has a capacity to cause pain and dis-ease.

Many subtle energy modalities create a natural benefit of detoxification within your physical self, eliminating toxins, excess fluids, etc. You may need to visit the bathroom more frequently. Be sure to drink more water than normal in the first 24-48 hours afterward – rehydrate your energy centers!

Some people enjoy journaling their experience, learning more about themselves as they continue their healing journey. Those who do oftentimes find their shift on any level (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) may manifest more quickly as they re-read and recall their progress over time.


Ongoing work with energy is said to have many benefits – that’s another blog posting in itself. Just relax, enjoy and always, always continue to ask questions and feel the blessing of living in the present moment enjoying all life has to offer.

Life is Always Changing

September 25th, 2014

Everyone knows that changes are always manifesting themselves, and it’s very true for me at this time.  Yesterday was the last day in the last week that the doors of Clinica de la Luz welcomed clients in Chile.  The next stop in my life adventure with my husband will bring us to a community just north of Dallas, Texas for about a year.  From there, your guess is as good as mine.  So I am taking a bit of personal license in sharing a few thoughts with you.

Physically moving to a country in South America was quite an awakening to my senses, and these last 33 months have been life-changing on many levels mentally and emotionally as well.  Learning the customs of the land as well as the language (especially slang and the frequent jokes) were often challenging.  Yet, the greatest gift I’ve received has been in knowing the people.

Whether I interacted with friends or clients, the most heart-warming aspect of this time has been the warmth and hospitality of each one, their willingness to overlook my lack of proper language skills, and their forbearance with my customs (often so different from their own).  When I started my energy practice early in 2012, new clients came and several have turned into life-long friends.

Two years ago I began teaching Reiki, and have been extremely grateful to welcome 20 students over that time.  Their thirst for knowledge and desire to create greater wellbeing in themselves and others has been noteworthy and in a couple instances, profound; their marvel at the sensations of Reiki energy felt during times of group sharing, remarkable. My success in the role of teacher was solely due to the caring and helping hands of two wonderful women, without whose organization and translation assistance would not have been possible. I’ll be forever grateful to Leticia Cataldo and Betty Yangari.

I’ve been wondering what my purpose here has been, and lately it’s come to me that we — these wonderful people and I — share it jointly: it has been about compassion. Learning how to interact with others who on the surface appear unlike ourselves is often a fearful prospect. While I’ve given them opportunities to learn more about North American ways, they’ve granted me a look into their home and personal lives as if I were family. What a blessing, that openness showed at a meal, hospitality during a holiday and even during a family member’s death.  There are no words to adequately describe feelings for those times.

Now, as I move forward and continue my work back in the USA again, it’s time to update this website and its name.  To better reflect the reality of energy-related healing methods, the new banner is a simple statement of fact.  Light and Life Energy.  Whether I see clients in a clinic setting, work in collaboration with other professionals or simply from my home office, we are dealing with your (human) Light and the gift of Life Energy ready for the taking. There may be other opportunities and re-direction  coming as well, so I will start at the place of new beginning and take one day at a time.

I look forward to meeting those in my new community and sharing the work with all who care to learn.  Effective October 3, 2014, you may reach me at the phone number on the Contact page.  Let the blessings continue to flow!


Weight Management — Losing Pounds, and so much more

August 6th, 2014

Just this week (and it’s only Wednesday) three people have mentioned their need to manage their weight in a better way. And everyone knows that losing it is not a 1-size-fits-all condition. Here are a few things to remember – they’re in no particular order.

1. The more stress you have, the more likely the weight gain. Get your stress under control. Work, Finances, Relationships – they all have an impact.

2. Reducing travel stress is especially important.  Whether it’s for work or pleasure, modern-age travel wears the body out. Jet lag is the stuff of jokes but yes, it is real.  Plan time for rest between hops, pack light healthy meals (focus on nuts and dried fruits) and/or snacks to keep the body functioning optimally, and have clean water available at all times (just don’t let those TSA guys get it!).  Skip the coffee and wine (sorry ’bout that).

3. Diet is not just about eliminating things. It’s about establishing pH balance that suits your own metabolic needs. It means adding foods that meet your unique requirements from a holistic perspective. Consider an iridology reading to see what your constitutional health is telling you (often a naturopath offers this service as part of their solutions package.)

4. To balance blood sugar in the body, again a metabolic issue, you have to be aware of not only food intake, but about the function of your liver and pancreas and their overall role in total body health. (Part of the overall diet issue #2 above, but important enough to say it out loud again.)  You have to read label ingredients and skip the middle aisles of the grocery store. Fresh and raw is a key element to find your center.  Eliminate all synthetic sugars.

5. The longer you live, the more your body changes. Hormone balances matter. If you wait until menopause to figure this out, it will be harder to regain balance. (This is true for men as much as women.)  Increase your awareness, the sooner the better. Depression, anxiety and all the associated mood swings — chemical imbalances can and need to be corrected in order to feel like “yourself” again.

6. When your body holds toxins, they have to go somewhere. Usually it’s in the fatty tissue. Women with cellulite? The lymphatic systems needs to start releasing (Rebounders help).

7. Nutritional supplementation usually plays a role, yet again it’s a unique proposition. Some things need boosting because aging causes less of them to naturally form in the body. If you haven’t been a fan of fruits and vegetables up until now, you may need other things as well. Two critical areas to consider: Brain health (Omega fatty acids, Amino acids) and Heart health (Mineral balance). Beware – not all brands offer the same level of natural supplementation. A couple rules of thumb that metabolic experts recommend: Organic is better. Liquid gets in the system more readily than a pill. One pill of “everything” may not absorb into the body as easily as several different supplements spaced over the day or week.  What you need this month, you may not need next month too.  In other words: Do your homework.  Don’t get caught up in the hype, or the next best thing.  Education is imperative.

8. Get good sound sleep every night. Sleep is a conditions that is restorative to all body functions. If it isn’t happening well, then you could be a candidate to suffer long-term repercussions. This is the stuff of many jokes, very true. However… Especially if you suffer from snoring you could have a condition called sleep apnea; see a sleep specialist and get it under control.  It’s long-term effects are much more difficult to “fix” than if you wait until 30 years have passed you by.  Possible effects of this condition if ignored:  hypertension, water retention, weight gain, the family of disorders associated with COPD and ultimately heart function.

9. Pain. If you’re in pain, nothing else matters. Inflammation exacerbates the issue. The body will function better and respond more positively if we eliminate the root causes of pain. This is #1 to moving forward in your weigh-balance and wellness plan.


  • Essential Oils – There are so many choices available when using the Young Living oils to boost the body systems onto a wellness track.  It requires a little homework to learn about the purpose of each oil and be sure they resonate with you (and if you’re on medications that they’re not counter-productive).  To know more about the research and healing capacity of oils, start here and message me your questions:
  • Exercise – Never under-estimate the power of movement…yet, different strokes for different folks depending on what your personal health needs include.  Three powerful energy movers: (1) daily walking to rebalance right/left brain function in addition to burning calories, (2) swimming  as a great means of reducing water weight, and (3) dance – in all forms (whatever you can do).  There’s also yoga for those with fibromyalgia, as an example; or cardio for those who have no underlying “dis-ease” and can step into faster routines more rapidly.  Many find the Asian healing arts beneficial – Tai Qi, Tai Kwan Do, Qi Gong, etc…  Whatever “feels” right to you — start there.
  • Therapeutic massage, hands down, is an amazing modality for assisting the body. Lymphatic drainage, craniosacral balance…there are so many specialists to assist us these days.  Used in conjunction with chiropractic care to rebalance the spine and thus the nerval connections throughout the body organs and systems — it’s a Win/Win!
  • Quantum biofeedback allows one to change behaviors by retraining the body/mind connections to think and act in more holistic ways.  It will increase your awareness for risks of stress and help you energetically find your right path.
  • Reiki offers overall energy balance. Many find weekly or monthly healing sessions useful. However, this healing art can be learned for self-care in a one-day training class, setting the groundwork for systemic change.  Gift your children with the training for a life of greater wellbeing as they grow.
  • Meditation assists us in getting our mind under control, which is an important key to putting all else in order.
  • Regular check-ins with your holistic physicians and other wellness care practitioners. It’s worth every penny!

We began this blog posting by talking about people’s verbalized need to lose weight. Being consciously aware is a good starting point.

You can envision, too, that this is really only one aspect of the bigger picture.  Lower body weight many times over may significantly reduce other health concerns, according to the experts publishing research daily.

More importantly, however, is the overall benefit you receive by setting the groundwork for a lifestyle that helps you regain your sense of oneness with Self, your heart-centered joy to be alive!  The body is dynamic, and when working harmonically, its needs will change.  This posting hasn’t covered it all, but it’s a beginning.  Allow yourself to become aware and flexible to your ever-changing needs.  And, ENJOY!

The Ultimate Human Freedom

July 4th, 2014

Think about it.   Whether it’s the 4th of July, the World Cup or Olympics, a graduation, a birth or a death that’s being ‘celebrated’…

“Every human has four endowments — self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.” — Stephen R. Covey

In the USA, people celebrate the 4th of July for historical reasons, for pride of country, to remember the freedoms we were gifted when the country was formed. Yet, of what are we really reminding ourselves?  Isn’t it really the human spirit we’re talking about?

From whatever country anyone hails, this underlying ‘go-get-em’ behavior that leads a family, a team, a nation and even a world to evolve is simply human nature. This is what we long for and appreciate, for example, when we watch the myriad of videos posted on Facebook. As we view others singing, playing, doing (whatever) — our hearts connect, creating joy in us as well.  What is the exponential effect of just one video? (Think about that!)

We are born with an innate sense of goodness and capacity for the extra-ordinary. It’s what we’re made of, how our heart is formed ready to participate in this connectional life matrix that we cohabit. It’s what makes us strong and yet tears our eyes at the same time, as we’ve learned the meaning of compassion.

Beyond the four endowments, each of us is gifted with act-titudes and attitudes — characteristics making us uniquely able to interact and bring our own joy into the world. Employed, these gifts allow our spirit to soar; if left laying low undiscovered, one may never realize or recognize all that is possible or the influence you have to enjoin with others. It takes a sense of courage and risk to explore, yes. It requires creativity to keep re-forming and making anew. Isn’t that worth it!

It’s your life, and you do have the power to choose now that you’re standing here, having been birthed in the flesh. In playing at this Game of Life at every level, consider that human connectionalism — how everything you do in some way will inevitably impact someone else.

Your words have the capacity to influence. Your response to events can motivate others to be a part of the process. By choosing to usher in the changes that allow continued growth and evolution, you participate in the spirit of all living things, something our indigenous world cultures understand even today.

Self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination

Forgive me Mr. Kennedy for changing your well-known line a little…’Ask not what your country can do for you’…taking the meaning a titch further….‘but, what you can do for your Spirit and thus, your children, your family, the World.’

Summer Schedule in USA – Traveling Service Available

May 13th, 2014

Clinica’s Puente Alto office will remain closed while I’m traveling in the USA.  Exception: Two local practitioner’s are available —  Leticia Cataldo Riveros for Reiki or Carola Baeze Sanchez for Massage therapy by appointment in the Clinica de la Luz office.  Please message me for contact information.

My Travel Schedule:
Carrollton & Dallas, TX – May 15 through June 5
suburb of Montgomery, AL – dates to be determined
suburb of Nashville, TN – June 21 – July 5
Tampa Bay, FL – July 15 – 21
Sarasota, FL – July 22 – August 6

Expert professional services offered:

  • Individual USUI and KARMIC (Auric) REIKI sessions which may include use of Young Living Essential Oils and Crystals
  • Usui Reiki classes at all 3 levels, both individually and in a group environment. Inquire for further information.
  • Young Living Raindrop Technique (may be offered in conjunction with Reiki session).
  • Quantum Biofeedback with the SCIO device. Identify stress points and receive healing frequencies and spiritual health coaching recommendations for improving life circumstances. Special protocols available on request. Examples include – general stress relief, releasing the stress associated with ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders, basic chakra balancing & aura clearing, as well as pain relief/management.
  • Quantumwave Laser (Light) therapy. Stress and Pain relief of particular focus.

Customized service is available to meet your unique needs — combining therapies as appropriate for individual sessions or in a series of applications. 

Typical clients are those who:

  • seek holistic solutions to release effects of stressful life styles.
  • may have experienced an unusual or acute traumatic event and have plateaued in their recovery process.
  • have been suffering long-standing chronic pain and want to kick the habit of pain pills and sleepless nights.
  • have sought traditional medical care and may have been told their situation is a mystery.
  • are open to combining natural methods to rebalance their energetic system and learn about self-healing options.

Effects of daily work-related or general stress as well as various types of trauma all create pain, sometimes digestive issues, headaches, anxiety and more. Many forms of alternative care are available to assist in relieving stress and balancing oneself on all or any of the 4 levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  If you desire any of these side effects of holistic care, message me to schedule your appointment:

  • Ability to relax more quickly
  • Deeper state of relaxation during sleep
  • Easier to fall asleep and stay asleep
  • Reduction of stress and hypertension
  • Improved general health
  • Increase in amount of calmness and peacefulness
  • Reduction of anger
  • Less fearfulness
  • Fewer anxiety attacks
  • Amelioration of sorrow
  • Reduction of the depth of depression
  • Heightened muscle mobility
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Able to pay attention more consistently
  • Better focus of attention
  • Deeper concentration and enhanced memory
  • Less attention to pain and stressors
  • Less concentration on pain and stressors
  • Fewer feelings of pain and stress
  • Less intense focus on pain and stressors
  • Less intensity of any pain or any stress
  • More able to manage stress and pain



A Life of Second Chances

February 6th, 2014

Over the past few months a number of people I know have used the phrase “I feel lost.” They are dis-satisfied with their lives on some level and unsure, even unclear, about how to make things better. Giving someone advice in those situations really is not appropriate…who can know the right path for another? 

Yet, this quote by H. G. Wells may help us better consider the possibilities.

Because sometimes you have to step outside of the person you’ve been, and remember the person you were meant to be, the person you wanted to be, the person you are.

Upon first reading, this statement may seem a bit confusing…but, is it really? As an example, think about an older child you have known, or maybe choose one of your own now-more-grown children. Remember how they were at the ages of 3 and 4 and 5, truely themselves. Now compare their personality as you remember them to how they are today.

At the core of themselves, what do you think — is it easy to sense that same sweetness or curiosity or budding intellect?  Now, allow your thoughts to focus on what you perceive to be the differences between that time and now.  As you consider that and, of course, wonder how they “got there” — isn’t it all just about life choices? Lifestyle, family influence, ethnic customs, religious beliefs, career expectations…and so much more?

As humans, we often tend to ignore the inner voices in our heads (doubting ourselves, thinking someone else knows better than we do) while consciously allowing ourselves to be influenced by so many aspects of the life around us. In fact, Life 101, like a college course, can really be very complicated after all.  As young people growing into adulthood, unless we were blessed with an extraordinary mentor to guide us, we may not have realized how far we were straying from our true birth-selves until we made all the “mistakes” (as they say). When we finally stop to wonder, ‘what happened?’, it is sometimes so overwhelming we can feel diminished, demolished and maybe even so beaten down that we allow ourselves to take on a sense of hopelessness.

These stepping stones that we choose throughout our life indeed can be stressors that influence our health and our chemical make-up as well as vision and clarity about what is real.  The myriad of emotions that swirl within our be-ing as we march through time take a toll upon our sense of overall wellbeing as a result.  Thankfully, that’s not the end of the story for most of us. You see, there is this thing called second chances…and we get a pot full of them in this lifetime.

The path is going to look a little different now; we may even feel as if we are frequently doubling back. In fact, there is only forward.  Although the look and feel and taste of our continuing journey may seem foreign at first, there is a knowingness underlying it all.  And the process will call us out of our “old” selves to look more deeply into our unconscious as we seek that inner child at our core once again.

The good news is, we are not lost.  We are still who we were — we are all still there beckoning our true selves to be One with the great I Am. All we have to do is remember. Simple? Probably not.  Luckily for all of us, second chances allow us to begin again.


Am I Listening?

January 8th, 2014

The value of consistent prayer is not that He will hear us, but that we will hear Him. – William McGill

In other words: speak less and listen more.  Isn’t that what (most) spiritual disciplines would have us understand?  In business as well as in personal relationships, listening skills are touted, for those who do it well increase their own ability to bond with others in more meaningful ways, build cohesion in teams, and increase productivity on various levels,

Meditation, yoga practice, daily prayer — all of these do not come easy to me.  I’m a multi-tasker, always doing or thinking, on-the-go.  It made no difference that I had tried “forever”; working within a church environment for years and being a leader/volunteer for many more before that still did not quiet my brain chatter enough to really Listen on a regular basis. Besides, learning how to pray and what to say — these are not the same things as Listening (with a capital L).  Mind chatter, whether religious in nature or not — it’s still noise.

Somewhere along the way someone suggested I stop trying to carve out a daily space of time and just take time on the fly.  So I tried it — while driving, stopped at a red light. Before dashing from bed in the morning.  2 minutes just after lunch or when I stood up for a computer break. While prepping supper at the stove top. Allowing myself to float for those few minutes was very freeing.  That was so much easier, and caused me to add a level of gratefulness to my life I hadn’t yet experienced.

Do you feel it like I do?  I mean, when you’re “trying” to get in the zone, thinking of all the things you’re grateful for…they just seem stifled somehow. Though supposedly called prayer, the thoughts seem like just words to stuff in a box. Yet, when “listening” — I mean being actively aware of my surroundings while rolling through my day, recognizing the beauty in a minute or two as it sits in front of my face — well, that is an eye-opener.  I began to see how beneficial quieting the mind can be.

How to make it better?

A few years passed, and as Life would have it, I got busy again and my 2-minutes time-outs got a little sparse.  That is, until I was introduced to Reiki. Oh no — that dreaded word that so many still don’t understand — Reiki.  It’s overused and boring, right?  To tell you the truth, I thought about it that way as well.  Of course, I didn’t really know what it was — like prayer, or for healing, or for meditating it seemed.  So, basically I ignored it as a potential helpmate in my own life and stress-management practice.

Have you ever noticed how when we don’t pay attention to the messages that come our way, we then get lessons instead?  A few years ago my husband had a surgical procedure that was extremely painful during the recovery process, and a friend/Reiki Master offered to do some distance work on his behalf.  What a great surprise to hear him say after the appointed session that the inflammation had gone down and the pain reduced.  It worked faster than anything else he’d tried up to then. So how did she do that? almost as an after-thought.

But the spark of light was still in my sub-conscious, and little by little I began to read in chat groups about the strength that comes from Reiki practice. And, finally I Listened to that voice in my head and within my own training thereafter, it surely proved helpful as a healing modality. And as I began to incorporate Reiki as a daily spiritual practice, it had the impact I’d been seeking for years.  It has proven to be a singular factor to turn off the chatter and hearing what I’m supposed to know.

While teaching students Reiki Level 2 practices not long ago, I invited them to share their personal experiences up to that point. Each of the people had varying degrees of understanding about energy work, and one of them had an established practice in another modality.  She shared that her work prior to Reiki was very beneficial to others, but often took awhile for them to “see” results. Since learning Level 1 and incorporating it into her work, her clients were experiencing a much faster response rate.  (Ok, another one for the healing aspect.)

The second bit of info she shared was a personal testimony to change — since beginning her daily self-practice, she was experiencing an influx of clients knocking at her door.  My interpretation: She had been seeking abundance with no results…yet here, a bit of spiritual discipline was changing the scenery. Listening to the inner voice was making a difference.

Antoine de St. Expiry, the same man who wrote “The Little Prince,” said this:  “A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single person contemplates it bearing within them the image of a cathedral.”

Listen. That’s all there is to it. When we make time to listen, new options naturally present themselves for us to contemplate. Being open to hearing widens the possibility for opportunity thereafter.

So maybe you’re ready now too. Just ask yourself, “What do I want but haven’t yet found? Am I Listening?”

Finding Your Calling is All About Vibration

November 1st, 2013

“I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.”  

This quote from  Oprah Winfrey is one thing she said over the years that makes perfect sense.  It is not something most people talk about — a “calling” to one’s purpose. In church life, pastors and lay people often express their work that way, but not typically others. Maybe we should.

When we ponder from our core that which was given to us at birth; when we hear from mentors and loved ones their perceptions of our strengths; when we consider the weaknesses we have, those areas where we have not succeeded; and when we open ourselves to Spirit flowing through us, affirming those things we are learning — only then do we begin to understand the depth of not only who we are but who we may yet be.

These mental activities have a way of relieving AND refreshing us. The aspects of Self we affirm give us confidence. The discoveries that lead us to let things go may in fact release the imponderable stress we may not have known was holding us back.

The worldly psychological work process models offer tools like the Myers-Briggs testing and spiritual gifts surveys to assist us in seeing a better profile of our characteristics. Each is well worth the time to acquire a fuller picture of the true you. Both will enhance your overall understanding of Self, again offering an opportunity to release from your life accumulations that no longer serve your best and highest good.

More people are learning to develop mentor or coaching teams, whose members act like guidance counselors with a twist. Their purpose is to hear what you’re saying/doing/ feeling/acting upon and offering concrete suggestions for how you might move into the next segment of time and change based on perspectives you have outlined (goals and objectives, perhaps). They do not tell you what to do so much as invite you to consider options that allow you to step into new ways of thinking.

Coaching teams are a 2-way model; as the coachee, one has significant responsibility to one’s Self and to the Team. It should be a joyful experiences, as these are usually people you consider leaders in life, who you admire and would be willing to act upon their advice. With a team of helpers, it is often easier to move forward with the tangible actions that need to be taken to incite change.

Vibrational energy (medicine) has been growing in acceptance over the last 10+ years, and with good cause. All living things vibrate with life. When we acknowledge this and learn to increase our vibrational levels, a natural result is the diminution of pain, stress and anxiety that come from conscious and unconscious stress. Once our brain and adrenal glands have an opportunity to return to their “norm”, it is fundamentally easier for our conscious mind to consider a wider number of options that may lead us to our soul-Self.  Little by little, our whole body structure improves.

So many forms of holistic care are now available that it is a challenge to list them all conclusively. They range from strictly in-the-head (meditation) to strong physical activities (cardio exercises) and the more subtle energy-related activities (yoga, qigong, tai chi, etc.). The hands-on work of massage therapists is well-documented for releasing tension and rejuvenating muscle structure where physical degeneration is present. Less know but often helpful is the Alexander Technique, which was developed originally to help people with repetitive motion stress impediments.

Various forms of Reiki healing can be easily learned as a spiritual practice for self-care as well as received as services from trained masters. The results of Reiki are proven time and again, and are allowing the practice of Reiki in hospitals worldwide.  There’s also Access Consciousness Bars, Donna Eden energy work, Heartmath,  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); the list goes on.

The technology of traditional biofeedback, used since the 60’s as a method to modify behavior, birthed a unique tool called the SCIO. it is a Quantum biofeedback device that offers an energetically layered approach to view unconscious stress and learn how to release it in order to continue moving forward on your journey.

The self-healing market is layered with tool options, some of which are enjoying growing popularity because of their obvious results for leaving stress by the wayside. The Amethyst Biomat offers a 3-in-1 technology combining nature’s healing gemstones with negative ions and infrared light. Aromatherapy has been utilized for thousands of years, and Young Living essential oils provide the essence of organic and kosher elements to jump-start one’s body almost immediately through the senses. A growing variety of Laser Light therapy opportunities continue to show multi-level results as well.

Other methods proven over the ages include homeopathy, the use of fresh/raw foods, and herbal remedies. Crystal energy is not to be forgotten; utilizing gems assists especially in clearing chakra and meridian blockages, connecting us to heaven and earth in ways our Indian cultures have known for hundreds of years or more. And many find solace and direction by incorporating the varied vibrational energies of music and drums and bowls equally useful in their process.

By now you’re probably wondering what has all this “new age” type of healing got to do with finding your purpose in life. Oprah offered you a clue when she said, “…allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.”    When you do one thing, it has an impact (seen or unseen) elsewhere.

So what are you being called to next?  Are you feeling that itchiness that makes you feel like you’re a living example of attention deficit disorder? Can’t sit still, focus. Know there’s change coming and you’re resisting it? Wondering what that next relationship or job is going to look like and haven’t a clue how you’ll move forward?  Each day is a challenge as you try to identify why what you are doing doesn’t seem to be working any more.

Life is interconnected. So whether your actions are like a rock skipping over water resulting in a trail you can see or just a “feeling” that “something is different”, those motions are truly interconnected with so much else. Apprehending and appreciating the information that will lead you to understanding your personal mission and life purpose will (must) be a journey. And the choices you make along the way will ultimately play a role in your success.

The work of Life is about Body, Mind (mental and emotional) and Spirit. The idea is to incorporate elements into our lives that ratify one another.  So often, we leave out a part of the equation which impedes results. If you are going to let your Light shine and become better in your co-creator role with Source energy, find each and every thing that resonates with your heart and soul — and try them on for size. Some pieces may not fit so you will discard them; other’s will seem to be designed just for you and mold on like a second skin.

Do what works for you as you seek answers and develop new routines.  This takes time and patience and practice. And that’s okay. Bit by bit as you stay the course, the stepping stones will be revealed and the resonance of each vibration will be easier to discern.  This cute clip may be something to keep this in mind along the way: PLANS  Enjoy yourself — make it fun.  And if you’d like to share, feel free to post aspects of your personal journey to help others.


What Has Reiki to Do with Ego? “Everything”

September 24th, 2013

Reiki and Ego are associated? Well, maybe “Nothing” would be a right response as well. The fact is that when our ego is balanced, we know when to let intelligent thought give meaning to that which we’re experiencing. Simultaneously, we are then capable to appreciate that as a vessel of energetic being, we sometimes need simply to be (as in, get out of the way) in order to let our ego self go so the universal life force energy can have its way.

This may sound like mindless chatter to some, so let’s consider further. An online search for dictionary definitions of ego produced this (summarized) information:

“Ego” is a Latin and Greek word meaning “I”, often used in English to mean the “self”, “identity” or other related concepts; the self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves. Additionally:(a) In psychoanalysis, the division of the psyche that is conscious, most immediately controls thought and behavior, and is most in touch with external reality. (b) An exaggerated sense of self-importance; conceit. (OR) Appropriate pride in oneself; self-esteem.

For the sake of this article let us say this: My ego identifies me from all other external beings. It allows me to acknowledge my importance in the life-stream of the universe. It allows me to have self-esteem, confidence in who I Am. Supposing that description is accurate, an associated perspective might also allow this thought: Should I then perceive myself to be more or less important than any others, I could fool my (conscious) self into believing that I might have greater or lesser ability or benefit or potential or significance.

In truth, we all have access to the Source of Reiki. What makes us more or less effective as practitioners may be nothing more than releasing our ego in order for the universal energy to do its job. When we allow that the un-conscious is truly at work, and acknowledge that we are just a channel in which it is working, we then have the capacity to be “good” at what we do. At that precise moment of recognition, we are disengaging our ego.

Ego allows us to discover and express our own self-confidence, which creates an opportunity for our giftedness to shine. It is also true that we can become so focused on being the best we can be, and thus take our understanding of self to an ultimate level of perfection in our mind, that we lose our sense of balance. This may be so whether in the practice of Reiki or anything else in life.

If, however, we are doing Self-work daily to clear those expressions of ego that no longer serve, we may be less likely to fall into this language: “I” healed her….through “my” sessions with him, his cancer went into remission…because of “my” teaching ability, “my” students are extraordinary. If anyone catches themselves in this spiral of thinking, remember this definition from Brahma Kumaris –

“Ego is attachment, inside my consciousness, to an incorrect image of my self which I then mistake for myself. When the attachment takes place, you lose your sense of identity in the image of the object of attachment which you create on the screen of your mind.”

In the practice of Reiki, we invite the energy of the higher self in co-creation with Source energy (I Am), angels, and guides to bring their blessings to the table to be used for the best and highest good of whatever/whoever is before us. We work on our Self before we work on others. Whether in prayer or deep meditation, we ask that our work may be effective and that our ego may be in check so that healing may occur.

As people who practice Reiki with self-confidence, we may accept our good points with humility and simply dare to be great in its practice. In that moment we may know our own happiness too. As ego is released, we are open to a higher connection with the energy of others. Our abilities strengthen while offering Light through the Source to those seeking relationship, guidance, healing, and perhaps so much more. Namaste.

Published by REIKI RAYS on SEPTEMBER 24, 2013