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Changing the Beginning…You Can Start Any Time

May 25th, 2018

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”  

This quote has been attributed to the likes of C. S. Lewis, Zig Ziglar, Carl Bard, James R. Sherman, and several others.  Whomever said it, I can appreciate the concept.

Do you feel the level and degree of emotional angst that the speaker may have been feeling, wishing s/he could start (something) again? Does it dreg up regret, guilt, thoughts of unforgiveness or something else, as you ponder the need to begin again?  I’ve come across something that can help with all this, and it makes it so much easier to get off the gerbil’s wheel and begin tracking good terrain again.

Whatever we did in the past that we wish to have as a do-over, there certainly are options.  Of course, it may depend on our willingness to deal with the stuff of life that we’ve stuffed aside or suppressed for whatever reason.  In other words, it takes some work.

Questions that have crossed my mind since reading the quote:  Can we speak to our dead ancestors and say we’re sorry. What fork in the road got taken when the other should’ve been chosen.   Would the lessons of our choices have made any difference in our ultimate happiness or satisfaction with life today; or rather, would the lessons have been the same had different choices been made.   Sometimes it feels like the questions can go on into infinity. Again, that’s just faulty perception.

Reminder:  the beginning IS wherever we are right now, at this moment in time.  Having been a conventional thinker most of my life, sometimes a naive one at that, it’s been almost an out-of-the-body experience as I have been asking myself lately:  What have you got to lose?  Or, as a friend puts it: So what?

That is not said lightly, in bad humor, with sarcasm or lack of compassion.  It’s said with a clearer view, an almost fatalistic understanding that our 3-dimensional world keeps us hammered inside a little box; that limited thinking keeps us bottled up, unable to imagine the multitude of possibilities surrounding us at any one time.  And in this new world, the options have widened, haven’t they? We don’t have scarcity here…but abundance.  There are not fewer, but millions more choices!

Starting where you are might mean you crossed some bridges and made apologies to get to the place where you are now ready to step into a different ending.  Creating a new starting point, right now, could help you realize you’ve been viewing your life as constrained when in truth, it can now become as open and free of encumbrances than ever imagined!

How to begin?

There’s a method for helping to clear the blocks, to get off the emotional roller coaster, to release the gut-wrenching feelings that knuckle us under when we think about (all this) again.  It is called The Aroma Freedom Technique™ (AFT).  Anyone can learn to do it for themselves. People who want  can be coached through a simple process of releasing that “stuff”; as a certified AFT practitioner, I can help you.  And yes, your AFT work will most certainly change your ending too.

To learn more, begin with a quick look at the tab for AFT on this site.  Then, arrange a 15-minute free consultation via Zoom or telephone to arm yourself with the basic information you need.  If you live in the Sarasota, Florida area, join me for a free lecture on June 2 — check the events page on this website for details.   Ready?  The beginning is now…Let’s go!


Honoring a Teacher & Lover of Life

May 19th, 2018
Yesterday was the funeral of D. Gary Young. I never met the man. But his impact on my life has been, well, what is a word that is the opposite of traumatic? all encompassing, in a good way? So hearing the stories of his life from the perspective of people who did get to know and grow close to Gary over time was an amazing experience in itself. He was truly a genuine human being. In love with life, and people, and this singular Earth. The company he founded is a gift to me, because it’s given me the stuff of life to help me stay well, on all levels.  He was an incredible teacher and definitely a lover of all of life.
Gary Young Founder Of Young Living Essential Oils Passed Away
   Simulcast funeral attendance – having done that for presidents and royalty and popes is one thing. But to watch the passing of someone having such a personal impact on my life was just like being there…so I honored the almost 3-hours and participated as if I were in the audience. Not sure how many were actually at the farm, but online it was said about 100,000 people focused their eyes on the proceedings. I stood when they were asked to stand, sang in my head when that was done.
   I feel a deep connection to the reality this one man envisioned and then with the help of his wife and team gifted to our world by showing us how to embody a wholesome life style, to use the raw earth and the abundant plant life to sustain ourselves. Could he have imagined that in just 25 yrs there’d be 16 farms around the world and over 500 products? Or that the pioneering research he began in the 90’s would result in his being labeled the founder of modern day aromatherapy? I didn’t know that before him, essential oils were only used in their basic diluted and chemical-laden form for the perfume industry. Hearing the story from the Frenchman with whom it all began, well I was riveted to the screen at that point.
Gary Young was a man of God and in relationship with everyone he met. He seemed to draw every breath in gratitude, at least that was my interpretation while listening to the speeches yesterday. He lived with this motto: Wellness, Purpose, Abundance.  It has been modeled on all levels, for and with everyone.  And just thinking about it reminds me once again, what are we here for? And how can we make a difference? How do we say thank you to the world ~ by giving of our time and money to an organization such as the Young Living Foundation that builds relationships and creates peace? or in some very unique way that we will call our own as we step out on a new platform?.
Just one man. Yep, and a ‘cowboy’ at that according to his many friends. And yet a pioneer…and maybe even a giant.   Grateful? Yes, I Am.