Price Overview

Energy work is personalized to meet the needs of each individual, intended to help one to heal and balance.  Below are a current list of services offered and price schedules for each. Customized programs may be developed upon request, to assist any individual while going through a health or healing crisis. Each session is expected to run approximate time periods as noted; however, since energy flow is something very unique to each practitioner and client as it occurs, timing is an estimate only and may extend longer.

Energy/Wellbeing Services                                                             Teaching Services

Reiki Usui                                                                                                 Reiki Levels 1-3/Master

Young Living Essential Oils                                                                     Karmic/Auric Reiki

Amethyst Biomat

QuantumWave Laser                                                                        Wellbeing Options at Home


Dowsing with a Pendulum                                                               Animal Services

Quantum Biofeedback                                                                            Reiki

Spiritual Health Coaching                                                                       Quantum Biofeedback



                                       YLEO            Biomat             Reiki             Reiki++              Full Session

Single Visit                       *                     $ 25                $ 45                $ 75                     $105

Series of 3                        *                     $ 70               $120                $210                    $295

Series of 5                        *                     $115              $195                $345                    $480

*Prices are dependent upon actual Young Living Essential Oils used during session.

Note: Reiki++ Session includes any of the above listed services except Q-Biofeedback, which is included in Full Session only. Full Services may include any of the services listed based on client needs. Stand-alone sessions run 45-60 minutes; bundled services, approximately 60-90 minutes.



                                                           Reiki                       Q-Biofeedback                  Combo

Single Visit                                         $ 35                                 $ 65                                $ 80

Series of 3                                          $ 90                                 $195                               $245

Series of 5                                          $100                                $325                               $375

NOTE:  Single Reiki session is approximately 30-40 minutes.  In Series or 3 or 5 Reiki, each session is approximately 20 minutes.   Q-biofeedback or combo services may run 60-90 minutes each.




Individual Training – One-on-One Usui Reiki. If you have a heart-felt interest to learn this self-healing and balancing practice, please inquire about training options.

Group Classes – Offered periodically based on a minimum class size of 4- 5 persons. Each Level requires 7-10 hours of training in addition to a student’s ongoing daily practice; the number of training days is dependent upon group size and Level content, and student’s commitment to doing the work.

Prerequisites may apply.

Cost per class is dependent upon the Level, group size or customized training program. Inquire for further information.


Wellbeing Options at Home: Each of these companies offer opportunities to own the equipment and/or products for personal (and for practitioners, business) use.  If you need assistance, please contact me directly; or enroll online and allow me to sponsor your membership.

Young Living: 1280101            Biomat: (my name)            QuantumWave Laser: 11117



                                                  Reiki                     Q-Biofeedback***                         Combo***

Single Visit                                $ 25                             $ 50                                            $ 60

Series of 3                                $ 75                             $150                                            $180

Series of 5                                $110                             $250                                           $300

*Animal services are offered at a distance at the rates above. Site visits may require further consideration (multiple animals, etc.), including a $15 trip cost when your location is greater than 25 miles from home base.


1) Customized programs are available for those who struggle with chronic stress and pain based on diagnosed conditions as an ongoing concern. Pricing is dependent upon individual situation, program time, etc.

2) Special offers may be published at any time. Inquire if interested.

3) Senior and other assistance based on financial need may be available by request.

4) Because discounting and sometimes pro bono is offered as the universe intends, we are grateful for and accept donations at any time via PayPal to help support those in greater need.

5) All payments are expected in advance of distance sessions (via PayPal) and at the time of service for in-person appointments. All payments for Series are based on total payment at once to benefit from built-in discount structure.

6) All distance services include personal follow-up via Skype and/or email during or after session.