Reiki Training

Reiki I, II and III

Individual Usui Reiki Training

One-on-one, each student will receive the benefit of personalized training to include symbols, hand positions, practice and attunements for each level.  Each day of training lasts 6-8 hours.  Training manual provided.

Level 1:   What is Reiki?  In-class review of basic aspects of history/legend, 5 Precepts, how to invoke the energy, learning to self-practice and working with others in your presence.

Level 2:   Distance energy.  Symbols & hand positions are primary focus.  Learn how to work with others, both in person and at a distance. Hands-on practice will include giving and receiving Reiki sessions sitting, standing and laying down.

Level 3:  Master training.  More about symbols and how to attune others. Review the basics of creating a Reiki business. Hands-on practice throughout class. Student invites a guest to receive a Reiki session for practice/critique.  Each student will be gifted two Reiki coaching sessions after Level 3 is attained.

Each Level summary above is a basic overview of class time; much more information offered than presented here.

Prices depending upon lodging/transportation cost of trainer. Ask for a quote.


Group Workshop – Reiki Levels 1-2-3

A 3-day intensive training event may be scheduled at a host location. Each host/ess is responsible for coordinating 2 daily breaks and offering lunch location options; also, assuring massage tables or equivalent set-ups are prepared for student guests. (1 table per 2 person-team preferable)

Each Event includes same training agenda as individual (above), one-on-one attunements, travel expenses, training manual and two free Reiki Coaching sessions (via Skype or Zoom within 30-days after completion of course). Work day runs 7-9 hours, dependent upon number of students and subject matter daily. Students bring own blanket/pillow for personal comfort.

  • Base price $525 USD Per Person for group/5 -8 persons (Trainer travel within USA only; add $75 P/P when traveling from International location).


Reiki Coaching Session via Skype

30 minutes of 1-on-1 Reiki coaching, by appointment.         $  40

Series of 3 in 30 days, by appointment                                     $105

 Email follow-up questions                                                           N/C



1.  All costs are paid in advance via PayPal invoice (supply your email address for billing purposes)

2.  Reiki Training

  • $50 non-refundable administrative deposit is required to cover training materials.
  • Balance due 14 days in advance of event.
 3.  Coaching
  • Appointment changes will honored without cost penalty when re-scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  • Missed appointments will not be refunded. We value your time and hope you will value ours.



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