Before, During and After Your Energy Session — What Should I Know to Prepare?

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This question is one of the most frequently asked by people readying for their energy session – What do I have to do?

It is very easy for we practitioners to say “nothing, just enjoy”. For a receiver who has experienced many healing sessions, that simple response is perfect. However, whenever a person new to energy work comes to the table, it’s much better to elaborate and allow them to experience the full benefit. And that benefit each person receives is, after all, the primary goal.

When a practitioner explains the expectations, it also affords the receiver to better understand the energy worker and appreciate the care they will be given. The expression through words of benefits and expectations allows each person to be on the ‘same page’, helping to eliminate any worries or doubts about a new process the recipient is going to experience.

The basic purpose of most of the alternative health modalities is to help each person relieve stress and discover and release the energetic blockages, which results in balancing the energies while assisting in the process of self-healing. One may learn many other things during each session, yet ultimately, feeling better is the primary goal.

It matters not which type of healing modality is being applied. In my office it can be the application of essential oils, use of the BioMat and crystals, relieving energy stressors with quantum biofeedback and various forms of Reiki. It is all subtle energy being applied, so the same concept follows.

Consider these things as you prepare

BEFORE a Session

Be aware of your own needs (as much as possible). Is your issue physical, mental, emotional or spiritual? If you don’t know, be willing to say that. Your higher self knows. Sometimes by doing energy work, your conscious and subconscious minds will begin to connect, giving you greater insight and self-realization.

State your intention. Know what you are hoping to accomplish by receiving the work. For some it might be general stress relief from work or home concerns. Others have a desire to change their lives in some way, new job, marriage, etc. Physical healing is a typical desire.

Create a positive affirmation to build upon that intent and motivate you moving forward.

These may be written from a personal vantage point, or you could use an overall perspective. The idea is to use only POSITIVE words. Eliminate words like no, not, cannot, do not, will not, etc. Examples:

  • I am pain and cancer-free. I find joy in life every day.
  • I release all worry and anger to live peacefully.
  • Goodness and plenty and wisdom come to me naturally as I move forward in this new job.
  • Abundance on all levels is mine daily, and I use it to help others in this world.
  • I release all desire as I live happily into the present moment each and every day.

As you enter the healing space, be aware of the elements around you – candles, crystals, pictures, music, fountains, bells. Many methods may be employed in the healing space to assist you in being at peace.

Share as much information as necessary and then just relax. By consciously giving yourself permission to release worry and anger (in particular), you may naturally start to release your stress.


DURING a Session

Physically, the most common feeling is that of falling asleep. Many feel a warmth as the energy works; others, cold or a tingling sensations. Gurgling and sounds may rise from your stomach. Leg or arm twitching is possible.

You may sense yourself in and out of conscious thought. Your mind may grab hold of any one thought and begin to awaken. This is a form of clearing. Let your mind float in those moments. Attachment to these is unnecessary.

Some say they feel angels carrying them or talking to them. This is all normal as you connect to your super-conscious self through energy balancing.

You hear your practitioner talking to you – just respond, even if it feels like you’re in a dream. S/he will continue the work until the session is complete.


AFTER a Session

As you open your eyes into awareness, arise and step off the table slowly. Become aware of the space you are in. Depending on the type of work you received, you may need to find your balance.

If you’ve had an emotional response to the session, embrace it. Crying, for example, is a common expression of the energy shift for males and females, adults and children alike. This is a method of release, letting go of the internal stress that has a capacity to cause pain and dis-ease.

Many subtle energy modalities create a natural benefit of detoxification within your physical self, eliminating toxins, excess fluids, etc. You may need to visit the bathroom more frequently. Be sure to drink more water than normal in the first 24-48 hours afterward – rehydrate your energy centers!

Some people enjoy journaling their experience, learning more about themselves as they continue their healing journey. Those who do oftentimes find their shift on any level (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) may manifest more quickly as they re-read and recall their progress over time.


Ongoing work with energy is said to have many benefits – that’s another blog posting in itself. Just relax, enjoy and always, always continue to ask questions and feel the blessing of living in the present moment enjoying all life has to offer.


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