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Negative Ions — Science, or Feel Good?

January 11th, 2012

Well, Both!

If you could do one thing to increase your overall health, would you do it?  What if it was so simple, you couldn’t say no?  Then get to the beach my friend!  That is, unless you have a mountain stream or waterfall in your back yard.

What we’re talking about here is adding Negative Ions to your environment, naturally.   If you’re anything like me, just the phrase “Negative Ions” is enough to make my eyes glaze over.  That is until I understood we’re bathing in them daily anyway, no matter where we are.  So it makes sense to capitalize on their healing benefits, doesn’t it?  As we increase the number of Negative Ions in our midst, we encourage natural healing response within our bodies.

Negative Ions are found in clean air. There are many ions in the air we breathe, and the percentage and number of positive and negative ions change depending on the time and place.  The more we are able to control the amount of ions in our everyday life, the greater our capacity for improved health, and particularly for increased energy within the human body.

So What Are Negative Ions Anyway?

Ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge.  They are created in nature as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, and moving air and water.  The ideal amount of negative ions for our health is 400 to 1000 per cubic centimeter of air.  These numbers seems to be decreasing everywhere, primarily as a result of our contemporary life styles and how we treat the planet.  As a result, we are experiencing serious effects, such as headaches, insomnia and fatigue of both our body and mind. The list of afflictions that can be caused by an improper number of ions in the body is long.

What Inhibits Negative Ion Growth?

Unfortunately, it has been proven that certain environments can greatly reduce the effectivity of Negative Ions, and can in fact diminish them. Two key factors may be involved, both of which can be remedied to varying degrees.

(1) The concrete jungle (office buildings, homes, etc.) in which we live.  By decreasing the numbers of trees, plants and natural fauna on our planet, we diminish Negative Ion availability.

(2) Today’s man-made materials in fact do not allow the body to breathe, and thus reduce the absorption of Negative Ions.  The majority of fabrics used today for convenience and cost savings are synthetic.

What are the Benefits?

Negative Ions provide energy to the human body.  The billions of body cells are enclosed by a cell wall; and, the cell wall performs one of the most important functions — absorbing nutrition and eliminating waste material.

The cell wall can be normalized if there are enough Negative Ions both within and outside the cell.  The reverse is also true — if there is a lack of Negative Ions and too many positive ions within a cell.  Thus, the absorption and elimination processes cannot be done effectively.  The result could be adult diseases such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, cerebral apoplexy and cancer.

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Benefits

When the physical appearance of the environment is improved (whether by being in a beach or mountain environment or by adding a fountain or pond to our surroundings), people often feel more at ease coming into such a space.  There are obvious healing benefits of which many have taken advantage over the ages.

Natural mineral baths and mineral springs have been know for their therapeutic benefits for centuries.  By lounging at the beach for a while, you may experience a lighter mood; some say a sense of euphoria grows. This will (sometimes immediately) result in mental and emotional relaxation of the mind as well.  When the physical body relaxes, stress begins to dissipate.

And as research has shown for some time now, stress reduction positively impacts heart, brain and other organ health significantly.  Additionally, some become aware of their spiritual center, and enjoy renewed self-expression and creativity as their physical health returns.

What Can You Do About It?

Perhaps it is for you as it is for me — whenever I go to the beach my whole body just relaxes.  Re-hydrating with good drinking water is crucial, too.  The muscles loosen up.  My mood lightens.  I can feel myself smile more, and those ‘worry lines’ just fade away as I sit under the rays streaming down on me.

If your geographic location keeps you from the coastline or mountain- or lakeside, consider adding some sort of water element to your living environment.   A pool or a spa are potential options, if your budget can be persuaded.

People utilizing the Eastern practice of Feng Shui already know that having a water “solution” in their home and office can be very beneficial.

Be sure to allow get outside daily, preferably several times a day. Walk and breathe.

The more natural fabrics we wear, the better.  Silk is the most beneficial; also, linen and cotton.

Many practitioners and licensed professionals are employing BioMat Professional to assist clients in jump-starting their healing process.  Its Negative Ion effect used in conjunction with amethyst crystals and thermal therapy have proven to be a significant benefit to patients worldwide. If you would like to learn more, please review the data on the attached BioMat web pages.  Further details may be found at:


Cheryl Valdebenito is a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach and Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist. Recently relocated in Chile, her stress and pain relief services will soon be available to the local population at Clinica de la Luz.

Dog or Do-Do Bird? How are we adapting today?

October 21st, 2011

This morning as I opened two emails I was struck by synchronicity at work.

First was Dr. Deb Betterly’s monthly newsletter where she talks about “struggle”: Struggle is trying to rearrange the world so that it aligns with the way you think it should be. It is the greatest source of unhappinessin our world today. This happens when you focus on what you perceive you don’t have, instead of embracing what you do have.

Then, Mary Morrisey’s daily meditation begins with “Be in harmony with your good.” She expanded the thought with a reference to evolutionary biology proving that it is always the highly cooperative species, not the highly competitive, that survive dramatic shifts.” Her reminder was that we contribute to the good when we are in harmony with and demonstrate it.

So, by example, we still have the wolf among us, but the way of the do-do bird is long gone. The gray wolf was so flexible in an evolutionary sense that it morphed into a species we call “domestic dog”, beginning as far back at least as 7,000 BC (some say 30,000 BC). And its offspring are some of our prized pets today. Not only did it survive in the wild, but the wolf’s legacy was learning how to adapt to the rest of the planet and survive for centuries into the future.

When we (humans) lift our consciousness, there is a raising of the consciousness of the whole world, a/k/a “mass consciousness”. The challenge is – what aspect of consciousness are we raising — the good, or the not-so-good? The universe doesn’t discipher. It just gives us what we’re thinking, and by our choice now we have to live with it, until we can change it again. First it’s a thought — then it’s a thing. Simple, but not easy.

Another example — Our planet is experiencing some of the most violent course corrections we can recollect: tsunami, hurricane, tornado, fire…the list is literally battering humanity in recent years. So, it’s easy to understand the comparison of struggle/stress to paddling upstream in a hurricane current. We’ve seen not only the coming of the wave, but the effects of the withdrawal current.

So if you’re in the middle of a harrowing moment and don’t know how you got there, do think back to your original choices. Which one did you make? Did it get your where you wanted to go? And how is that working for you?

Remember that by being in harmony with your good, and in harmony with life, you have the opportunity each moment of every hour of your being to make a choice that will let you float upstream rather than struggle. It’s your choice. You can choose to be in sync with your own heart spirit and that of the natural laws of our universe. Are you allowing yourself to adapt and grow? Or not…and how’s that working for you today?