Animal Services

 Caring for the Other Members of the Family — Your Pets!

Many forms of energy work are utilized around the world to assist animals in healing from acute conditions as well as when suffering with chronic maladies.  The release of stress and pain is a common need for the usual assortment (cats, dogs, hamsters +) and the not-so-usual (snakes, iguanas) as well as the horses in your stable, too.

The list of potential conditions from which animals would want relief is very much like that for humans. To name a few, their stressors may be from:

  • indigestion
  • anxiety
  • a strain, sprain or fall
  • sore muscles
  • congestion
  • cold/flu symptoms
  • pain associated from diagnosed conditions such as cancer
  • recovery after surgery

Tools proven effective when used within this practice include:

QuantumWave Laser utilizes various hertz settings that utilize quantum physics, vibration and light therapy in combination.

Young Living Organic Essential Oils may be used singularly for relief as well as together with the other remedies to enhance the therapeutic benefits of those services.

Reiki Energy is widely known as an effective therapy when used alone or in harmony with any other modality, including exercise, physical therapy and medical intervention.

Using crystal energy and dowsing with a pendulum also allows the practitioner to hone in on the unconscious needs of the animals.

Periodic Reiki Blessings offered for animals. Check in with our Facebook page periodically:

Energy work available in person or at a distance, by appointment.

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