QuantumWave (Cold Laser) Light Therapy

The Problem: It was noted by The Mayo Clinic that 85% of all disease is a result of stress.  And, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, managing the physiological responses to stress is critical to (our) survival.

A Solution: Cold lasers (also known as soft and low level lasers) have been in use for years, from doctor’s offices to hospitals.  Cold lasers donate energy/photons to cells; this in turn stimulates the mitochondria cells to produce more ATP, the energy engines of our cells.   Think of it like sunlight working on a garden, donating energy to nourish the plants to grow.  More ATP energy means healthier cells to regenerate and help the body heal itself!

Today, a unique form of laser light therapy is available to assist you regain your balance.  The QuantumWave Laser utilizes (8) Red, (8) InfraRed diodes and (20) Violet LED wavelengths to reach and energize all cells in the body.   There are about 100 pre-programmed settings in addition to custom frequency programability.  The QuantumWave Laser is FDA registered for over-the-counter use.

How does it help us?

The QuantumWave Laser uses the threee colors of light to naturally relieve the stress and blockages to qi (energy) , which in turn release pain and stress. Whether suffering from a traumatic experience or long-term, chronic pain, people and animals with a variety of stress conditions are benefiting from this simple yet high-tech solution.

While this hand-held device was designed to support wider surface area and increased output, individual probes of each color spectrum are used for more focused needs.

Red: Medium wavelength for surface work – skin, muscles, nerves

Infra Red:  Longer non-visible wavelength for deeper applications – bones, teeth, cartilage, joints and tendons

Violet: Non-linear wavelength – facial rejuvenation, anti-bacterial, increased telomers, stem cell generation and  activation of DNA

The QuantumWave Laser’s unique Scalar Technology focuses on clearing cell memory.  The laser’s ability to assist in conditions of muscle & joint pain, arthritic pain, muscle stiffness & spasm, stress relaxation and circulation stress now makes it a user-friendly tool in the hands of any lay-person, worldwide.

Who Uses the Device?

Practitioners of various kinds are now utilizing The QuantumWave Laser to help clients and patients on a daily basis:  naturopaths, chiropractors, licensed massage and physical therapists, biofeedback specialists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, nurses, NET therapists, veteranerians, sports teams, MD’s and dentists.  And now, thousands of home users!

For further details, click here: I Love My Laser

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